A Band Called Sam


Grant Ferguson

"2020 Hindsight"

Lowell Hopper

"Delayed Reaction"

Be Sharp Band


Hurricane Ruth

"Good Life"

Juewett Bostick

"Shades of Blue"

The Walk-A-Bout


Jon Strahl Band

"Heartache and Toil"

Manuel Muzzu


Vince Agwada

"Light Of Day"

Markus Spittka

"God Is Love"

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Moore Twins

"Breath Of Fresh Air"

Misty Blues

"Weed Em & Reap"

The Mary Jo Curry Band

"Front Porch

Aaron Nathans &

Michael G. Ronstadt

"Shadow & Cyclone"


"Caught In The Groove"

Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band

"Midnight Daydream"

Josie Bello

"Can't Go Home"

Jim Stanard

"Color Outside The Lines"

Christian de Mesones

"Year Of The Dragon"

Project Alcazar

"Lost In Centralia"

Linda Sussman

"Pass It On Down"

Laura Green

"Green Eyed Blues"

Ronald Boo Hinkson

"African Queen"

Darron "Cookie" Moore


Tony Saunders

"Sexy Somethin"

Kerry Kearney

"Tales From The Psychedelta"

The Smooth Jazz Alley

"Let's Ride"

Alex Dixon's Vintage Dixon

"The Real McCoy"


"Red White and Blues"

Jimmy Haslip

"Red Heat"

Stu Hamm


The B. Christopher Band

"Two Rivers Back"


"The Bridges"

Gordon Thomas Ward


Philip Scott Poli

"One Sky"

Pierce Dipner

"Get Out Of Your Life"

Ken Dunn

"Ashes In The Morning"

Eric Selby

"Do, Baby"

Broke Fuse

"Why Should I Be Blue?"

Martha Renaud


Dave Goddess Group

"Once In a Blue Moon"

Brendan Rothwell