Lowell Hopper

"Delayed Reaction"

Brendan Rothwell


Derek Davis

"Resonator Blues"

Linda Sussman

"Pass It On Down"


"The Love Vault"

David Gelman

"Last Surviving Son"

Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers

"Pay The Price"

Joe Kopicki

"Just Me and My Innocent Self"

Michelle Qureshi


JP Williams Blues Band


Wildcat O'Halloran

"New York City Chill"

Art Ruprecht

"Cast Your Care"

Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene

"City Of Love"

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The B. Christopher Band

"Two Rivers Back"

Misty Blues

"Pickled and Aged"

Mister Goodfaith

"Big Mistake"

Norman Johnson

"The Art Of Life"

Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band

"Midnight Daydream"

Cliff Stevens

"Nobody But You"

Josie Bello

"Can't Go Home"

Bill Abernathy

"Crossing Willow Creek"