“RGO has a unique personal commitment to recording artists.  While advertising with RGO we maintained higher numbers on Spotify, received more spins on radio and had more traffic on social media. We are definitely looking forward to advertising again with RGO on our next project.  Thanks again RGO for all of your love and support!"


                  - Marco Montoya of The Smooth Jazz Alley

“Luke Wolk and Radio Guitar One are simply awesome! Our current album, Trippin’, was released in June 2018, and 5 ½ months later in December 2018 one of the tracks (Ride ‘em High) was still number 2 on their Smooth Cuts chart! RGO are music guys!  They know good stuff and they play it.  I wish all the radio stations operated like that!


                  - Robert Miller of Project Grand Slam

“Being a featured artist on Radio Guitar One, greatly helped my visibility and supported my chart activity.  RGO really supports indie blues.  Bravo guys.  Thanks for the awesome job.”

                    - Val Starr & The Blues Rockets

“Radio Guitar One and The Smooth Guitar Place have been great supporters of my record, "Midnight Daydream." I've received significant airplay and exposure from this amazing guitar based station, which has helped my record stay on the Smooth Jazz charts for 33 weeks and counting!"


                  - Dr. Dave of Dr. Dave and the Housecall Band

“Soon after the launch of my album “Time On My Hands” in 2017, the guys at RGO/The Smooth Guitar Place approached me with interest in my music for this boutique guitar-focused station. Clearly, guitar is their thing! With streams covering rock, jazz, and blues, the site is an often-visited favourite for many of my regular audience. This is reflected in the subsequent spins of my music and appearance on the station’s Top 20 Chart.

In late 2017, we put together a campaign to feature my work on the Artist page of RGO. It’s an easy to access reference point for my audience and a great marketing tool for folks from the music industry. Without doubt, the partnership with RGO/The Smooth Guitar Place has helped drive my music and brand to new audiences and continues to do so through RGO’s creative use of Spotify playlists.
Thank you, and here’s to our continued partnership!”

                  - Brendan Rothwell

“Radio Guitar One has been a wonderful supporter of all three of my records so far. They seem to really care about the artist; every few weeks I get an email with updates of the new and improved ways they are helping to expose my music to a new audience.  The artist page and online interview have been a delight to share to my social media pages.  They really make a clean, classy looking page that reflected my album. 

It's always a thrill to receive notifications of when my music makes their Radio Guitar One Top 20 chart, as well as see the spins reflected in other Smooth Jazz charts as well.  I was more than happy to help support this station, as they have done more than I could hope for in exposing my music to a guitar driven audience!"


                  - B. Christopher of The B. Christopher Band

“My self-produced album hit the charts and has stayed there (ten months now!)...and is about to sell out its second pressing....and Radio Guitar One has been my biggest supporter from day one!”

Wildcat O'Halloran!

“As a result of having been a featured Artist on RGO, and ranked in the RGO Charts,  it appears that I have earned a great deal of respect among my peers, and shown the leaders in the music industry, that I have what it takes to compete in the field. Thank you Luke Wolk, and Radio Guitar One, for all of you have done to enhance my career”. 


                  - Mikael 

Radio Guitar One has helped get our music inside the ears of listeners and it has paid off with more downloads and even topping the charts at the station!  We are very happy with the results and have also seen an increase in bookings from the promotion we did.  Thank you for the opportunity to connect with a targeted audience."


                  - Dan Beck of The Dan Beck Band

“Radio Guitar One has given me an incredible amount of support in promoting my new album. The continued airplay on this site has played a large role in getting my album onto the Smooth Jazz Global Charts, as well as connecting me with music lovers around the world. Big thanks to RGO consistent support they've shown me. "


                  - Sheldon Ferguson