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Aztec Two Step 2.0

Rex Fowler said he channeled his inner Neil Young and wrote this  haunting yet poignant dystopian love song for Mother Earth that sounds the alarm for Global Warming. 

In a perfect world, you’ll watch the video first on YouTube for a full-frontal view of the song’s messaging. Regardless, we hope this presentation resonates enough for you to share it with your listeners, for all our sakes!  

Esteemed WFUV-FM DeeJay Don McGee said this about the song on his “Mixed Bag” radio show: “After watching newscasts of the catastrophic fires in Australia, I realized I had to give this song a chance to be heard. I’m glad I did!” 

Christmas comes but once each year but catastrophic environmental devastation never sleeps. Therefore, we’re re-releasing “Apocalypse (Now!)” on a 5-Song EP to radio in March 2020. All EP songs have environmental themes.

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