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Born in Indianapolis, Indiana Dan Beck has over 40 years experience as a guitarist and is a prolific composer and songwriter adding new tunes every week. His music extends over a number of different genres - blending jazz, blues, folk, rock, Latin and classical - it is ever-changing due to his ability to improvise even as a solo guitarist.

If you love your jazz with a bluesy feel, you will love the new music from the Dan Beck Band. Hailing from California, the band's latest single... "Time and Spacing" gives off a natural smooth flavor that is simple and characteristic. The group's musical style feels very personal and sincere as the stories are being told in song in a synth-free environment. On their latest CD "All The Fish Are Hoppin", you can expect to hear more musical stories come alive on everything including topics of relationships, childhood joy and world events.

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Dan Beck Band

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                      -Raven Bocachica