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Darron "Cookie" Moore

Darron is a bassist, songwriter and producer who also plays the keyboard and drums. His musical journey began at age 12, Darron wrote his first song
(Just Because He Loves You And I) performed by Greater Grace Christian Academy’s Music Department where he attended school.

Darron studied music at Grambling State University and Wayne State University. He’s played at numerous concerts and churches in the Detroit and Fort Wayne areas. He also played bass on Marvin Jordan's, Future X project titled "Higher Ground" (2012), and Summit Ministries International's praise and worship project, "Going In" (2013).

As an independent artist, he has released 7 Cd’s “Nothing Else to Say" (2002), "Bass-is Loaded" (2003), “At Peace" (2005), “A New Love" (2010),
In Your Presence" (2013), A Christmas project titled “Darron Cookie Moore presents A Funky Christmas” (2015), and his latest release “Lifetime" (2020).
“Lifetime” Has made the Smooth Cuts List,
and’s Radar, Top 100 Indie, and the Top 50 Listners
Charts. All music was written and arranged by Darron “Cookie” Moore.

Darron credits his unique sound to his sponsors YAMAHA, Gallien Kruger, S.I.T Strings, and Sound Technologies. He currently uses the TRB6II, TRBX, BB605, the MO6, GK700RBII, Eden WTX500, Power Wound and Silencers (strings) Zoom Bass pedal.

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