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Kurt Allen

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For over a decade, Kurt Allen has been has been making his presence felt in the blues scene, not only in his hometown of Kansas City, MO, but playing upwards of 150 dates a year (pre-Covid) across the US.


Propelled by powerful vocals and equally driving guitar, his latest album, Whiskey, Women & Trouble is 10 solid tracks that play out like a musical roadmap of the deep south. From gritty, old school blues to swing, vintage soul and swampy, bayou funk and even a splash of NOLA jump, Allen squeezes the most from the power trio format and morphs it all into a relentless blues-rock machine.


No matter where you throw a dart at that crumpled up musical roadmap, his songs have either paid it a visit or called it home. Either way, the mark is indelible and the blues are the better for it.

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