"Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to.  Her songs are timely, insightful and presented with passion and conviction.  She makes the personal universal and the universal personal."

                        — Ron Cooke, DJ, KTAL Las Cruces​

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Linda Sussman is  a Huntington, NY-based singer/songwriter who brings a unique sound to the alt-folk and blues traditions. She is widely recognized for her strong vocals, sophisticated songwriting, and accomplished fingerstyle guitar playing. Linda's songs honor the human spirit, rally for social justice, celebrate personal triumphs, and others are just for fun.  

To her credit are four full-length CDs of original music (Pass It On Down [2019], Every Road [2018], Fly Away [2002], Breathe Easy [1998]), as well as the single Rapid Fire (2019), which KTAL DJ Ron Cooke refers to as
"a velvet glove, beautiful and powerful at the same time."

After a 10-year hiatus (2005–2015) from the music scene while caring for family members, Linda has re-emerged at full strength and commitent to her art.  Numerous songs from Pass It On Down and Every Road continue to receive radio play across the U.S. and U.K., with a number of songs from Pass It On Down ranking high on Top 20 and Top 100 folk DJ charts shortly after the CD's release:  

On August 2, 2019, "Let's Just Boogie" from Pass It On Down ranked #2 as the most played track from the Top 100 new albums spun that week on Folk Frontier and The Acoustic Outpost. And on August 8, 2019, the title track "Pass It On Down" ranked #6 for most spins on RadioGuitarOne's Top 20 folk cuts!  

About her music, Linda notes: "My songwriting follows my values in life:
peace, love and understanding, though most likely achieved in
reverse order."  Linda began touring as a solo artist in 2019, though in the NY-metro area she can be heard both solo and with her band, Linda Sussman Collective, including periodic gigs at NYC's iconic music venue The Bitter End.

Linda's two most recent CDs were recorded on her indie label, Sing Out Proud Music , and were co-produced with Mike Nugent. 

Pass It On Down, released in May 2019, delivers 10 original tracks in the blues, folk, and folk-rock traditions. As on her previous CD, Linda is joined by stellar musicians from the Linda Sussman Collective and beyond. This latest collection is sure to make you sing along, sway and even boogie! 

Rapid Fire, a single track released in early 2019, was inspired by the Parkland students' activism and March for Our Lives movement. This song squarely lays our archaic gun laws at the feet of our government, while the refrain "We shall rise for peace" weaves its way through the melody as a rally for hope and a call for action. 

Every Road, released in 2018, is a mix of 11 original tracks with lyrics that touch hearts and open minds. If you're looking for a good dose of social justice and heart-opening songs, then this CD is for you! 

Linda's music has received radio play on numerous stations, including: WSHU, WUSB, WMCB, WXOJ, WCOM, KVSC, KRFC, KTAL, WBRS, WHRW, WTBQ, WFHB, WFDU, WIOX, Radio Guitar One, BeyondRadio UK, South Birmingham Radio UK, Positively Charged Radio, Fluxedo Junction, Mostly Folk, A Folk-ish Music Show, The Acoustic Outpost, Folk Frontier, Roots Revival Belgium, Radio Summerhall, TMEfm Radio, among others. 

Released May 2019; all songs © by Linda Sussman 

Other musicians and voices add a whole lot of extra sparkle: Mike Nugent, Cosmo Mallardi, Richie Guerrero, Mark Mancini, Cindy Quart, Lisa Gutkin, Janice Buckner, Cecilia Kirtland, Anne O'Rourke, Greg Seck. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THIS PROJECT!

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