Pass It On Down - Album

Released May 2019; all songs © by Linda Sussman 

Other musicians and voices add a whole lot of extra sparkle: Mike Nugent, Cosmo Mallardi, Richie Guerrero, Mark Mancini, Cindy Quart, Lisa Gutkin, Janice Buckner, Cecilia Kirtland, Anne O'Rourke, Greg Seck. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THIS PROJECT!

Pass It On Down, released in May 2019, delivers 10 original tracks in the blues, folk, and folk-rock traditions. This latest collection is sure to make you sing along, sway and even boogie! 

Rapid Fire, a single track released in early 2019, was inspired by the Parkland students' activism and March for Our Lives movement. The refrain "We shall rise for peace" weaves its way through the melody as a rally for hope and a call for action. 

Every Road, released in 2018, is a mix of 11 original tracks with lyrics that touch hearts and open minds. If you're looking for a good dose of social justice and heart-opening songs, then this CD is for you! 

LINDA SUSSMAN is a Long Island, NY-based singer/songwriter whose music blurs the lines of contemporary folk and blues. With vocals reminiscent of Joan Baez infused with shades of Joni Mitchell and a strong fingerpicking guitar style with a touch of slide, Linda delivers her songs straight from the heart — honoring the human spirit, celebrating triumphs, rallying for justice, and some just for fun.  

Linda has shared her music over the years at a wide range of venues, from NYC’s West Village folk scene to social justice fundraisers, coffeehouses, house concerts, restaurant/bars, and more. She inspires audiences to sing along on her hard-driving relationship-rebuilding song Layer Me Up, groove to her Truckload of Blues tune, check in at a personal level on The Change, and at times step away from the daily news in Let’s Just Boogie. She typically tours as a solo artist, though back at home she also performs with any combination of her five-piece band, the Linda Sussman Collective.  

Chasin’ That Train, from her 2019 album Pass It On Down, ranked No. 5 on the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Contemporary Folk Chart in mid-November 2019, while the title track, Pass It On Down, was No. 10 and three others charted in the top 15. The album itself ranked No. 18 on RMR’s Contemporary Folk Album Chart. As of this writing, tracks from the album and the album itself had just crossed four months on the RMR charts!

Pass It On Down is Linda’s fourth full-length album of original music and follows Every Road in 2018; tracks from both albums can be heard on radio programs across the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.  Linda's two most recent CDs were recorded on her indie label, Sing Out Proud Music, and co-produced with Mike Nugent, lead guitarist extraordinaire.  

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Linda's music has received radio play on numerous stations, ON THE RADIO (across the US, UK, Europe, Canada): WBRS, WHRW, WUSB, WSHU, WERU, WCOM, WHYR, WIOX, WFDU, WTBQ, WMCB, WXOS, WFHB, WRKF, WRAQ, WLSL, WRST, KBCS, KVRM, KVSC, KTAL, KZUM, KRFC, CKOL, Beyond Radio, South Birmingham Radio, Positively Charged Radio, Folk Frontier, The Acoustic Outpost, Radio Summerhall, Digital Blues, Radio Guitar One, A Folk-ish Music Show, Radio, Radio Free FM-ULM, Fluxedo Junction, Mostly Folk, Roots Revival Belgium, Kansas City Online Radio, Hawaiian Pacific Radio, Jazz Juice Radio, Gateway978, Ex-Pat Radio, Krystal Radio, Global Community Radio, and likely others unknown to me! 

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Linda sussman

“Sussman’s [Every Road] CD has eleven songs that are a joy to experience. Her vocal style and ability, while reminiscent of Joan Baez, is edgier as needed to deliver each song." 
                            — Ferengie Record Review   

“Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to.  Her songs are timely, insightful and presented with passion and conviction.  She makes the personal universal and the universal personal."  
                      — Ron Cooke, DJ, KTAL:

“Good old-fashioned singer/songwriter values…stylishly couched in an  all-embracing musical idiom that appealingly combines elements of folk, west-coast folk-rock, alt-country and Americana.”  
                      — David Kidman, FATEA Music Magazine UK