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“An amazing new singer/songwriter, Martha Renaud crafts and molds a sonic tapestry that both engages and captivates her listeners. Her ability to weave musical landscapes with such purity of voice will most certainly establish her as a bright new star in the folk roots community”  

                 ~Ed Everaert Stonehedge Productions  

MARTHA RENAUD weaves a vibrant tapestry of “strong songwriting with a warm delivery that touches the soul.”  A folk-roots singer-songwriter, Martha has been hailed as a “true balladeer,” with an “amazing new voice.” Martha’s music has, at times, an East Coast flavour and her stories set to song, are a vivid memoir, intimate and passionate, captivating listeners on and off stage.

Martha has taken the helm of Windsor Folk, creating a warm, welcoming place for audience and performer alike...Windsor Folk...where the coffee's hot, the people are warm and friendly, and where music comes home!

A Note From Martha:

I have always loved stories and the art of storytelling. I grew up listening to BBC and the music of the isles with it's storytelling traditions. I also loved many other styles and genres of music: jazz, blues, classical guitar, classic rock and my mother taught me the appreciation of opera.  I grew up when Stan Rogers, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Mary Chapin Carpenter and the like were the voices of the day and I played coffeehouses when I was in university. I might have joined them, had life not gotten in the way. Life, it is full of twists and turns and one never knows what's around the next corner. So here I am, a little further down the road than some, sharing my thoughts and stories. Cheers!

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"Martha has a gift for taking the things that happen in her everyday life and creates a soundtrack cultivated by the very passion that inspired the songs."  

                 ~The Anchor Coffee House  

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“Martha's music draws her listeners close with a comforting tenderness both on record and in concert- one of the things I love about Martha's songs is her ability to broaden her own experience to reflect stories of the community” 

                 ~Allison Brown Border City Roots 99.1FM