Q:  What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?  
  I think that the internet is a great resource for musicians that allows them to get their music out to new places and audiences. Posting online has opened up many opportunities for me

Q: What's next for your band?

A: Recording new music and getting out of town more often. I’m currently working on writing new material for a full length album.

Q: How do you promote your band and shows?
Believe it or not, but I find Facebook to be a really great tool for promotion. I would say most people hear about shows of mine from Facebook posts. Also for some shows I’ll make posters, and I put the shows on local music calendars for musicians..

Q:  Tell us the brief history of your band or musical career. 
I started playing guitar and singing at 8 years old and between 8 and 9 began playing bass, drums, and cello as well. At age 12 I got my first paying gig and at 13 I went to the International Blues Challenge as a youth representative for the Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania. When I returned I started gigging a lot more and in summer of 2018 I started my band. In 2019 I went back to the IBC, performed at major festivals in the US and Canada, opened up for, jammed, and sat in with many national acts, and recorded and released my first EP.

Q: What’s your favorite accomplishment as a musician thus far?

A: I think it would have to be my recording and releasing  EP. Seeing my original songs getting the response they are is really inspiring. The recording process was also very enjoyable and a great learning experience. 

Q: What's new in the recording of your music? How has your music changed over the years?
Over the years I think my playing, personally and with my band, has become a lot more diverse. I have learned so much about phrasing and technique from being able to meet, jam with, and listen to so many amazing musicians.

Q: What are your biggest obstacles as a musician? 
I would say balancing my musical career and being a high school student. I can’t really play out on weekdays very often and it’s harder to practice with homework, studying, and extracurricular activities.

Q: What is the best way to stay updated on current news; gigs, releases, etc.? 
On my website piercedipner.com or my Facebook page Pierce Dipner Music.

Q: Are you available for private parties?  If so how would someone contact you about booking?
Yes, my contact info is on piercedipner.com, you could also email me at pierdip@hotmail.com, or message me on Facebook. 

Pierce Dipner Band Artist interview