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Artist Interview : Josie Bello

Tell us the brief history of your band or musical career. I have always loved music and like most teens in my neighborhood, I had a vague desire to be a rock star, but became an avid concert-goer instead. In 2014 when my husband Frank started playing open mics—I joined him adding background vocals and keys. Becoming active in the open mic scene renewed my longstanding interest in learning guitar. I met my guitar teacher Mike Nugent at a local music school and as soon as I learned to strum a few chords I found myself writing songs. Mike recorded and produced a few of my songs and it snowballed from there. I now have three full-length studio albums of original music, a few singles and a band—The Kit House Band. Who are your musical and non-musical influences? Everyone I have met influences me in some way. I have always been drawn to people who work hard, maintain focus and are productive whether it’s related to music or anything else. Those are the people I take on as role models. What album has had the greatest impact on your life as a musician? Carole King’s Tapestry and Bruce Springsteen’s Greetings from Asbury Park were my two favorite albums when I was younger. Both of them for the songwriting, and Bruce for the overall sound of the band. What song do you remember most from your childhood? The Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. All the older kids in my neighborhood went around singing it and it stuck with me. What’s your favorite accomplishment as a musician thus far? That I’ve actually written enough decent songs to make three albums What's new in the recording of your music? How has your music changed over the years? I’m adding more accordion and harmonies to each track. What inspires you to write the music you write? What made you want to play the instrument you play? Inspiration to keep writing comes from my fellow songwriters whose beautiful lyrics and guitar playing keep me interested in writing and upping my guitar skills. I always wanted to play guitar because I thought it would make me instantly cool. If you could play anywhere or with anyone in the world, where or with who would it be? The where wouldn’t matter to me— could be my basement or somebody’s garage— but I’d want it to be with either Lucinda Williams or Bruce Springsteen. I could learn a lot of what I want to know by playing with either one of them. How does music affect you and the world around you? Music is an instant fix for a bad mood and helps me cope with everyday stress. For example, I hate driving— but the right song coming off the car radio can make it fun. Also, I’ve learned that wearing my ear buds while sitting in the dentist’s chair can make that experience tolerable. What are your biggest obstacles as a musician? Covid has brought a whole new set of challenges including an increased hesitation about touring/traveling. What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Willingly no, however, the royalties paid by the streaming services is pretty much the same as giving it away. Generally speaking, I’d love to see artists receive more adequate compensation from gigs, downloads and streaming. Tell us a fun fact about yourself I love to cook. I’m currently obsessed with perfecting my home made pizza and focaccia dough. Are you available for private parties? If so how would someone contact you about booking? Yes, and I can be contacted through my website How do you promote your band and shows? Facebook, Instagram and my website. What is the best way to stay updated on current news; gigs, releases, etc. My website. Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums? New album “Resilience” 9 tracks of new music releases 2/2/22 What's next for your band. Wherever the music takes us. ​

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