Do you feel like your recordings should be a part of Guitar One Records catalog? 
Please send three songs in an MP3 format to with your digital press kit and your contact info. 

We are interested in guitar based Blues, Jazz, Fusion and Acoustic Finger Style and the many sub-genres of those styles. 

Blues: All styles
Jazz: Instrumental Only (Traditional, Latin, Smooth)

Fusion: Instrumental
Acoustic/Americana: Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Country style (Instrumental preferred)

If we are interested in your project we promise you’ll be the first one to know. Due to the large amount of submissions it will take up to two weeks to respond. If we do not respond it does not mean we didn’t like your music. It’s just not what we are looking to release at this point in time. 

We look forward to hearing your tracks and to having you GO with Guitar ​One!