Get ready world! There is a musical phenomena that is about to explode and it is just one download away from introducing you to the exciting world of the "The Moore Twins". Keep your eyes open for these two 25 year old brothers.

The combination of John's silky touch on the keyboard, combined with Jeremiah's soulful and funky command of the bass guitar, has already begun to create a buzz on many of the popular smooth and contemporary jazz and social media sites. During the past six years, the Moore Twins actively engaged in rearranging and performing covers songs, to live and online audiences over the world. This experience allowed both of them to grow as musicians, arrangers and writers.

This duo's musical style can probably best be described as a contemporary blend of gospel, jazz, r&b, neo-soul and let's not forget a little bit of funk. This debut project from The Moore Twins, consist of a two track-EP that was written, arranged, and performed by John and Jeremiah. Their ability to accomplish such an extensive amount of ground musically, during their relatively short period of time in the music industry, is a very good indication that this dynamic duo will enjoy a bright and promising future as music professionals for years to come.

On August 14, 2020, the twins released their new single “BREATH OF FRESH AIR”, which is their fourth delivery under the umbrella of Lounge Renown Records produced by multi-platinum producer, Jaee Logan. This musical collaboration features Afro Latin Jazz Flutist, Gabrielle Garo.”

                           - Phazes International

"The Moore Twins' (are) a great reminder why we love this music called jazz! There are pockets of musical energies flowing throughout (them) that crosses a few genres, yet the thread of jazz in this beautiful tapestry of music holds it all together seamlessly! ."  

                 ~Asha Brodie Jazz 

 The Moore Twins 

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