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The Smooth Jazz Alley

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San Francisco Bay Area’s “The Smooth Jazz Alley” is made up of keyboardist/producer Marco Montoya, drummer/producer Kevin Lewis, and Saxophone artist Otoe Mori. Their music can best be defined as a blend of Jazz, R&B, Soul, & Funk. Marco & Kevin met through jazz guitarist Joel Del Rosario collectively performing a handful of shows. At their first rehearsal, Kevin brought in saxophone Otoe Mori who they thought might enhance the show. From the first moment they rehearsed together an undeniable chemistry was present. Otoe was very captivating and had a special presence, especially when performing live shows.

After one of their rehearsals, Marco talked to Kevin about the newer tracks he was working on when Kevin introduced the idea of having well-known guest artists appear on some of the tracks. Many conversations and studio sessions later, Marco officially asked Kevin to join TSJA as a partner and the rest was history. Further conversations eventually brought the idea of Otoe Mori joining TSJA. From the beginning, the relationship between the 3 would prove to be a special bond both on and off stage, as well as personally. It was no surprise when Otoe said yes after Marco and Kevin asked if she would like to formally join TSJA & the rest is history!

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