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Radio Guitar One offers artist friendly advertising packages!

For more information about how to advertise your record on our stations, please email us at and we'll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. 

Click either of the links below for info on pricing or to read testimonials from current and past advertisers.

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“For an independent artist like myself to be played alongside established artists is rare on internet radio and virtually unheard of on commercial terrestrial radio. Airplay on Radio Guitar One has resulted in all the benefits associated with increased exposure: more gig & touring offers, more livestreams and heightened name recognition for my brand. The bonus here is that I have been turned on to an internet-based radio station that provides convenient, accessible, enjoyable music across four guitar-centric genres 24 hours a day!"


                  - Josie Bello

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"When I recorded my "Stolen Cadillac" EP I was searching for a way to promote it and get noticed in a business where many are called but few are chosen. Luckily for me, I found Luke Wolk and Radio Guitar One. With his help, a great ad campaign, artist links, and RGO airplay, it did the job and got me noticed. When I released my next CD, "Everblue" it was quickly apparent that getting airplay was SO much easier thanks to my earlier success on Radio Guitar One. DJs, Radio Station Managers and listeners knew who I was or were willing to give my music a try.


"EverBlue" became a TOP 10 CD on the Roots Music Report and the single "Cigar Box Boogie" hit #1 on the Top 50 Blues Song Chart in May. The song and the album continue to chart 65 weeks after it's initial release. "Cigar Box Boogie" will be in the Top Ten RMR Blues Songs for the Year 2019 thanks in no small part to my association with Radio Guitar One. I cannot wait until 2020 and my continued support from (and for) the The Blues Guitar Place, the best place for my music. Thank you, Luke! "


                  - JP Williams

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