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“If you’re looking for an organization that cares about music and is passionate about music, then Radio Guitar One is the place to be! They have been a wonderful supporter of The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio’s new release “The Long Haul”. The review was heartfelt and the interview very informative. Radio Guitar One makes you feel like you’re part of a vibrant music community.


They seem to really care about the artist; Radio Guitar One website is incredibly user-friendly and are a big help to anyone promoting their music.  So if you’re an artist with music to promote, do yourself a favor and sign up with Radio Guitar One. You’ll be glad you did!”

                    - Mike Jacoby


You’re an indie artist. And you’ve just put a wrap on your new album. You want to launch your “sound” into the world. You want to find ears out there to hear it (beyond family and friends). But how? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a promotion team! As I discovered, Luke Wolk and RGO can fill that space! For me, they provided two very helpful features: the kind of well-written, right-between-the-eyes album review that told me they actually listened to the entire album that can be used for publicity. And then - RGO gave my album a world-wide spin platform for the music to be heard. As a result, there is no doubt my Songwriter and Indie Artist profiles increased substantially. The album began to climb meaningful charts which, in turn, increased sales and name recognition and contributed to landing higher profile shows. It didn’t hurt that one of the singles from the album hit #1. That was the result of a true team effort….and I am happy to have Luke and RGO on my team!

                               - David G Smith


“Soon after the launch of my album “Time On My Hands” in 2017, the guys at RGO/The Smooth Guitar Place approached me with interest in my music for this boutique guitar-focused station. Clearly, guitar is their thing! With streams covering rock, jazz, and blues, the site is an often-visited favourite for many of my regular audience. This is reflected in the subsequent spins of my music and appearance on the station’s Top 20 Chart.


In late 2017, we put together a campaign to feature my work on the Artist page of RGO. It’s an easy to access reference point for my audience and a great marketing tool for folks from the music industry. Without doubt, the partnership with RGO/The Smooth Guitar Place has helped drive my music and brand to new audiences and continues to do so through RGO’s creative use of Spotify playlists.
Thank you, and here’s to our continued partnership!”


                  - Brendan Rothwell


“Radio Guitar One has been a wonderful supporter of all three of my records so far. They seem to really care about the artist; every few weeks I get an email with updates of the new and improved ways they are helping to expose my music to a new audience.  The artist page and online interview have been a delight to share to my social media pages.  They really make a clean, classy looking page that reflected my album. 


It's always a thrill to receive notifications of when my music makes their Radio Guitar One Top 20 chart, as well as see the spins reflected in other Smooth Jazz charts as well.  I was more than happy to help support this station, as they have done more than I could hope for in exposing my music to a guitar driven audience!"


                  - B. Christopher of The B. Christopher Band


"When I recorded my "Stolen Cadillac" EP I was searching for a way to promote it and get noticed in a business where many are called but few are chosen. Luckily for me, I found Luke Wolk and Radio Guitar One. With his help, a great ad campaign, artist links, and RGO airplay, it did the job and got me noticed. When I released my next CD, "Everblue" it was quickly apparent that getting airplay was SO much easier thanks to my earlier success on Radio Guitar One. DJs, Radio Station Managers and listeners knew who I was or were willing to give my music a try.


"EverBlue" became a TOP 10 CD on the Roots Music Report and the single "Cigar Box Boogie" hit #1 on the Top 50 Blues Song Chart in May. The song and the album continue to chart 65 weeks after it's initial release. "Cigar Box Boogie" will be in the Top Ten RMR Blues Songs for the Year 2019 thanks in no small part to my association with Radio Guitar One. I cannot wait until 2020 and my continued support from (and for) the The Blues Guitar Place, the best place for my music. Thank you, Luke! "


                  - JP Williams


"Radio Guitar One's pickup of multiple tracks from my latest two albums (These Walls, 2020, and Pass It On Down, 2019) has given my music a huge boost on countless fronts. Undoubtedly, not only has it helped me land top rankings on the Roots Music Report's Contemporary Folk and Alternative Folk Album charts (including charting #1 on the RMR!), but also to secure interviews and album/track reviews as well as broaden awareness of my name and music overall. What RGO does for indie artists—exposure, airplay and reporting to the RMR—is measured in tangible, real results. 


For this independent alt-folk artist, having my music included on RGO playlists (FolkGuitarPlace and IndieGuitarPlace stations) in a mix with some of the biggest names in my genre is not only great to see, but it gives credence to my artistry. "


                  - Linda Sussman


Radio Guitar One/The Blues Guitar Place has been instrumental in helping us get our music heard and our band recognized.  Partnering with RGO/TBGP has proved invaluable on so many levels-- from airplay and spins to targeted audience exposure.  It's like having a second publicist working behind the scenes. The artist page they put together for our last album was really impressive, and it proved to be a fantastic marketing tool.  Without a doubt, RGO/TBGP helped us to achieve and sustain that Top-10 spot on the RMR Blues-Rock album chart.  We are thrilled with the results.  I'd highly recommend their services if you are serious about getting your brand and your music out there. 

                        - Tim Fik of the Bridget Kelly Band


“For an independent artist like myself to be played alongside established artists is rare on internet radio and virtually unheard of on commercial terrestrial radio. Airplay on Radio Guitar One has resulted in all the benefits associated with increased exposure: more gig & touring offers, more livestreams and heightened name recognition for my brand. The bonus here is that I have been turned on to an internet-based radio station that provides convenient, accessible, enjoyable music across four guitar-centric genres 24 hours a day!"


                  - Josie Bello


"I would like to give a big heartful thanks to RGO and Luke Wolk for the amazing job they´re doing! Since starting to promote my latest album "Look Twice" with these guys, less than a month ago, it has been continuously on the top 20 charts - and even climbed up to number 1. I´m confident we´re reaching new audiences through having my music spin on RGO, whilst I get to work on my next album. I´ll be definitely continuing to work together with Luke and RGO, I really appreciate the atmosphere of personal contacts and the genuine enthusiasm for real music here!" 


                       - Saverio Maccne of Saverio Maccne & Double Ace


“As a result of having been a featured Artist on RGO, and ranked in the RGO Charts,  it appears that I have earned a great deal of respect among my peers, and shown the leaders in the music industry, that I have what it takes to compete in the field. Thank you Luke Wolk, and Radio Guitar One, for all of you have done to enhance my career”. 


                  - Mikael 


“Radio Guitar One has helped get our music inside the ears of listeners and it has paid off with more downloads and even topping the charts at the station!  We are very happy with the results and have also seen an increase in bookings from the promotion we did.  Thank you for the opportunity to connect with a targeted audience."


                  - Dan Beck of The Dan Beck Band


“Luke Wolk and Radio Guitar One are simply awesome! Our current album, Trippin’, was released in June 2018, and 5 ½ months later in December 2018 one of the tracks (Ride ‘em High) was still number 2 on their Smooth Cuts chart! RGO are music guys!  They know good stuff and they play it.  I wish all the radio stations operated like that!


                  - Robert Miller of Project Grand Slam


“Radio Guitar One has given me an incredible amount of support in promoting my new album. The continued airplay on this site has played a large role in getting my album onto the Smooth Jazz Global Charts, as well as connecting me with music lovers around the world. Big thanks to RGO consistent support they've shown me. "


                  - Sheldon Ferguson


“Being a featured artist on Radio Guitar One, greatly helped my visibility and supported my chart activity.  RGO really supports indie blues.  Bravo guys.  Thanks for the awesome job.”

                    - Val Starr & The Blues Rockets


“My self-produced album hit the charts and has stayed there (ten months now!)...and is about to sell out its second pressing....and Radio Guitar One has been my biggest supporter from day one!”

                     - Wildcat O'Halloran


“Connecting with Luke Work and Radio Guitar One has brought my music to a new and diverse audience of people who love guitar music! The RGO team is super easy to work with and it’s been wonderful to have my music charting, in my case on RGO Folk Cuts, with the release of my album Sage. The charts are also a great way to meet and hear other guitarists. Thank you RGO for supporting indie artists like myself, I appreciate this kind of quality support. Cheers!!”

                     - Michelle Qureshi



"Big thanks to Radio Guitar One and Luke Wolk in helping to promote my album and reaching out to new audiences of guitar music. It's also an honor and exciting to be on the Top 20 of the Smooth Jazz & RGO Charts. They are great supporters of small label / independent musicians as myself.  I will definitely continue to be working with Radio Guitar One on my next album and any singles releases!!  Keep up the great work RGO! "

                             - Victor Samalot


Advertising on Radio Guitar One at The Smooth Guitar Place has been an invaluable marketing tool since the inception of my "Cast Your Care" project in 2018. As a guitar player, it is an extremely cost-effective way to reach listeners whose musical taste is in line with the product you are offering. The webpage allows your fans to learn more about you and purchase your music."


                             - Art Ruprecht

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"My experience with Radio Guitar One has been very helpful. The plays & exposure have positively impacted both sales & chart activity for my latest album “Mississippi Suitcase”. It has also increased name recognition & raised my artist profile, which are highly desirable aspects, particularly for an independent artist.

Thank you Luke Wolk & Radio Guitar One!"

                             - Peter Parcek

Ghost Jazz.jpg

This testimonial is a labor of love. Love for music and those that support music.

Radio Guitar One is the quintessential marketing partner that all indie artists, established or new on the scene hope for when searching for a marketing partner online. Since my first Ghost Jazz Trio album release “Invisible Time” in 2020, Radio Guitar One has been one of two principal marketing partners for me to partner with to get my music in front of radio programmers and DJs worldwide. Not only do they give you the personal touch, with constant communication and forward-thinking strategies, they also are a great source for advice and suggestions in the over saturated ever changing online music industry of today. They make you feel like they care about your music and are there to help you have a successful music career.

All four of my album releases in the last four years have debuted on Radio Guitar One with much success and support. All four albums debuted in the top 100 smooth jazz charts and three were nominated for best jazz album of the year. In 2023 I decided to sign with Radio Guitar One’s GO Records division for the release of my fourth album Groovin Smooth, produced and arranged by legendary jazz fusion guitarist Dean Brown, who also plays on the album and co-wrote many of the songs.

They’re on top of all social media platform with album release updates, upcoming shows, and their rates are reasonable for a marketing service that truly benefits the artist on every level, including monetarily. I recommend you give them a try and contact them today!

                  - James Morgan

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 8.13.12 AM.png

I am so very pleased to to have made my connection with the fine folks at Radio Guitar One, and simply felt the need to express my feelings of gratitude to them  for 1) listening to my music and then 2 ) playing my EP  “Larry Robbins – The Singles”


As I’m sure with most indie artists who craft their talent and pour every ounce of heart, soul and creativity into their original music, just the opportunity to have their music experienced on an amazing platform like Radio Guitar One is a blessing.

Even though I am unsigned to a record label, to have my music listened to  –  along with major signed artists  – is truly gratifying. I am especially thankful to RGO for all the airplay of my song “ Things We Contemplate “  - my own self reflection on our country’s current “great divide”.    

Good on you Radio Guitar One !  Thanks for all the love -

                   - Larry Robbins

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