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Art Boffi

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Art Boffi’s fascination with the guitar began at an early age. He became serious about the instrument after hearing Jeff Beck’s “Blow by Blow” album, a recording which he considers to have served as a turning point of his musical development. This experience sparked his interest in other artists associated with jazz/rock fusion, traditional jazz, and smooth jazz.

Over the years, he also gained an interest in guitar synthesizers and electronic music in general, always keeping an open mind to anything new and interesting that would come his way. Much of this technology has found its way into his music to some degree. In addition, a strong interest in acoustic music was a deciding factor for adding a 21 string harp guitar to his instrument arsenal. Although he has played solo fingerstyle jazz guitar using a traditional archtop for several years, he feels that the harp guitar opens up a world of possibilities while serving as an inspiring tool for composing.

On the heels of the release of his Smooth Jazz EP, Guitars A’Fire, he is currently in the final mastering stages of his latest recording project entitled Louder Than Words which is scheduled for release in early 2023. Preparations are also being made to enter the studio to record his next project.

For the last several years Art has owned and operated the Rhode Island based Musicians Corner, a music retail store and lesson facility that has a roster of more than 200 students. His online instructional guitar course, which covers everything from jazz to rock, can be accessed through the website He also continues to perform as a solo jazz guitarist as well as with his jazz trio.



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