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Misty Blues: Live At The Cavern Club Review

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Artist: Misty Blues

Album: Misty Blues: Live At The Cavern Club

Release 2023

Misty Blues has had a whirlwind 2023 with three full releases. The latest being the second live album in a few short months. This one was captured at the legendary Cavern Club that The Beatles cut their teeth in over 60 years ago. This 11 song set captures Misty Blues' energized live sound in all its glory with extended versions of studio cuts as well as a couple of covers that the band 100% owns.

This band straddles so many styles of roots music that the lines seem to blur seamlessly into one thing that is truly their own unique cocktail. It seems Misty Blues is evolving into a bit of a jam band while still having at least one foot always firmly placed in the blues. The sonic pie is cut up quite evenly with all the players getting their own moment to shine, and then fading back into the depth of the ensemble to support the next. They pass the puck back and forth like a well oiled hockey team, never missing or drawing a foul, while gracefully gliding across the ice.

One of the covers and an absolute stand out is I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl, made famous by the great Nina Simone. It's the kind of blues that is equal parts jazz and soul that unfortunately seems to be going by the wayside, but thankfully preserved on this wonderful rendition of the classic. As mentioned, Misty Blues is no longer flirting with the jam band genre, but seems to be committed to it, reminding me of a female fronted Allman Brothers Band, with extended instrumental passes that never grow tired. It is their ability to share the spotlight that makes it work so well. Each of the musicians have their own voice that is complementary to the others, but not redundant or ever meandering. In many ways it's like watching Ali and Frazier. Two completely different styles coming together to create one perfect dance under the lights.

With Misty Blues embracing the jam band vibe as much as they are one would think it is becoming less of a blues band, but that just isn't the case. Somehow it still feels like a blues band that is stretching, versus a jam band that is trying to dial it back into the blues. Serious blues instincts that are being tested and pushed is what makes this outfit such a fun listen, versus rock and jazz musicians that are restraining themselves and sounding like they are doing so. When Misty Blues stretches it is like a rollercoaster ride down the big drop, as opposed to a rock and jazz based jam band playing the blues that feels labored as the rollercoaster arrives at the top of the incline. They have arrived at the same place essentially, but because of Misty's strong blues vocabulary their ride up never seems to be restrained, but just feels like a solid blues band, right until they take you on the wild twists and turns that the rollercoaster has to offer.

I think fans of Misty Blues will love to hear the band in the live environment, and new listeners will find this to be a fantastic introduction to a deep catalog that the band has amassed over its 25 year run. It is most definitely a fantastic live set and a great listen from top to bottom!

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