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Smooth Jazz Guitarist "2unes" Review

Artist: 2unes Album: Sensual Release: 2023 Website: North "2unes" Woodall is an Atlanta based contemporary jazz musician and composer of exceptional pedigree. He surrounds himself with some of the genre's biggest names with his productions, including Marion Meadows and Chris "Big Dog"Davis. In a sea of great guitarists 2unes separates himself through serving the well written songs with taste and a bit of blues. The latest single Sensual starts with a beautiful nylon string guitar playing a simple and fiercely effective melody that sets the table for a lush production that takes the listener on a sonic journey. The attention to detail in this recording is evident instantly. The mix is full and perfectly balanced. There are wonderfully placed cymbal swells that subtly set the changes up. 2unes' clear deep musical vocabulary is evident in his effortless phrasing variations. The track simply has it all and is a smooth jazz masterpiece. The song Times Square is a walk through smooth jazz finishing school. It features Marion Meadows contributing his unmistakable saxophone fingerprint to the production. The sax, piano and guitar lines are intertwined so seamlessly that it is like ice melting back into water. It is a funky piece that all the musicians are shining brightly throughout. Giving U The Best That I Got is a cut that is as smooth as they come. One of the things I find most interesting about 2unes' playing is he seems to be a bit more rooted in the blues than most players of the smooth jazz genre. His tone sounds like it is coming from single coil pickups and has more than a hint of some classic blues licks. Of course he has the octaves, wah, compression and all the things that make it smooth jazz, but I think this is a cat that will hold his own on any blues stage as well. The reggae song Still Hanging is more evidence of the blues guitarist that is hiding in plain sight. His attack is a bit more aggressive than the typical approach to smooth jazz while his writing keeps it deeply rooted in the contemporary jazz genre. He seems quite comfortable with the Caribbean flavored rhythm of this one, weaving through it with conviction and taste within his lines. One of my favorite cuts from the 2unes catalog is Funkie Sister. It is a mid tempo funky cut with fantastic depth in the production and another very bluesy solo. It reminds me a bit of late 70's dance music that you can't help but to move to. The track has all the "go to" moves of the genre. A hypnotic drum groove, slapped bass fills and subtle vocal lines complement and support his playing perfectly. There are also a couple of really cool covers to check out. For The Love of Money and Ain't No Woman were great choices to cover, and the recordings of the songs do justice to the originals. 2unes is an exceptionally skilled smooth jazz artist. His productions are full and faithful to all the things that fans of the genre look for. His playing cuts through with his bluesy lines and compressed tone. If you are a fan of classic smooth jazz 2unes is a must hear artist. The city of Atlanta has turned out some great musicians over the years and 2unes is without a doubt one of them.

Check out the interview with 2unes as well!

What's your favorite accomplishment as a musician thus far?

Hearing my music played on the radio while driving on the freeway.

How are you continuing to grow musically?

By taking lessons from the great Doc Powell and studying under him.

Do you have any anxiety about performing live?

I always feeling those butterflies before the gig. When that stops, I will stop.

Give us some advice for new musician just starting out.

Learn your craft and know the music business for yourself.

What artist do you enjoy listening to nowadays?

Jeff Lorber, Chris "Big Dog" Davis and Norrman Brown .

What your favorite piece of gear and why?

The Fender Strat. It's just that sound that it puts out.

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